#3 How I Picked Biology

Becoming a Biology major was not my initial intention when looking at colleges. I was so hell-bent on becoming a Physicians Assistant in high school that I completely looked past the fact that there is no undergraduate degree for a Physicians Assistant. If I am being honest, Biology picked me unwillingly. It seemed to be the easiest and fastest way to achieve all the things I needed to apply to graduate school. This is the same story for, what I like to think, most biology majors. Rarely do I come across any people in my class that are excited to study the Krebs cycle or take a zoology course about sponges. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people that are beyond excited about those things. One of them was even my roommate freshman year. His dream was to become an aquatic biologist and study organisms in the ocean. No matter what our dreams are, we are all in the same classes and situations.

Being a Biology major does not upset me, however. I enjoy diving into the world of the living and seeing how organisms survive and the processes that years of evolution and mutations have resulted in. I wouldn’t rather be any other major, especially not chemistry!! I think we can all agree, whoever is a chemistry major has some screws loose. All kidding aside, when I went to my first General Biology lecture my attitude was to just get through these classes. But, now it has changed. I am a biology major for four years and then I can start PA school. So why not enjoy and learn all I can with what I am given.

This is a lovely picture of me in Chemistry 101 when I started to realize how much I liked Biology more than Chemistry!!

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