#4 My High school Experience With Biology

At an early age, I grew an interest in all things science. The first time I remember being excited about a science topic was in 3rd grade when we learned about volumes of liquids and masses of objects. Though it is an extremely simple topic, my mind was so fascinated with how two objects can have the same volume with different dimensions and have different weights! This fascinating continued up till high school where I took an honors biology course. Dissecting a cow’s eye and learning the basics of biology captivated me every single day. I even took the Biology SAT in 9th grade because I thought I might pursue a career in it!

Then came 10th grade. This was the year that everyone shivered in their shoes as they walked down the coldest, yet cleanest, hallway in school. Chemistry!! If you ever took chemistry in high school, you know the feeling of sitting down on the first day of class and going, “Oh My God, what am I doing”. Well since I loved Biology and Science so much I thought I would like chemistry just as much. Turns out I was completely wrong. It’s not that I wasn’t fascinated with the topics and ideas of the class but I believe I just wasn’t mature enough and serious about the class to get the full excitement about it. Instead of studying and getting help when I needed I tried doing it all myself and ended up struggling. I believe that this is what a lot of high school students end up doing. A lot of students won’t put in the time needed for the class and as a result, they get a bad return on their investment.

One thing I have begun to do in college is to think of my studying and work as an investment. I am investing my time, my energy, and my materials for a return. This return can range from enjoying a class more to even getting a job in the future. This has made me more excited and more eager to study.

When I finished chemistry I moved onto Physics, another class hated by many high school students. For me, this class was extremely easy. Since one of my best subjects in school is mathematics I was able to do equations and solve problems fairly easily. The other thing I really enjoyed about this class was the conceptual side of it. Being able to figure out why things are happening around you is the same reason I am in love with Biology.

My senior year of high school is when I entered healthcare for the first time. Instead of taking the standard AP Biology class, I did something many people disagreed with. I entered a class to get my EMT license. This ended up being the best decision I made in all of high school. I am now a camp EMT and have used what I have learned to aid in multiple scenarios in the public to assist someone’s health.

Overall, my experience with Biology in high school was limited. I only took one real biology course and that was my freshman year. I wish I was able to take more but, I am happy I am majoring in it now.

Me and my friends graduating high school

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