#15 The Worst Thing To Do As A Biology Major

Everyone says that being a Biology major is hard because of the courses and this is extremely true. However, there is one thing that can make a Biology majors life even more difficult and sometimes impossible! That is pushing off hard classes.

It is ok to spread hard classes throughout your four years of college but just know that college curriculum does not get easier. It gets more difficult with every semester you take. Upper level biology courses like Biochemistry make people wish they were sitting in the freshman lecture hall learning about the basics of photosynthesis again. So, when people arrive to college they often have to take a biology course, chemistry course, English course, and something else that might be required such as a math class. To a Freshman this can be extremely intimidating, and it is! However, you should not back off from the challenge. Take it head on and struggle to succeed.

There are two types of freshman when they are faced with this struggle. There is the freshman that takes it head on and does what they need in order to meet their expectations and there is the Freshman that does the complete opposite. Often times the second Freshman will drop a course such as chemistry in order to “acclimate themselves to college.” DO NOT DO IT!! I am telling you right now that the stress you will feel in the future is greater than what you would have ever felt taking those courses together in one semester. So I beg you to not make the mistake of dropping a course and say, “I will take it another time.”

When a student pushes a course off to take it at a later date it creates added pressure and stress that shouldn’t be there. A lot of people end up taking chemistry during the summer or later in their college career. Taking it first semester would be difficult and hard but, taking it with your senior capstone, finding a job, or applying to higher education is way more stressful. There are countless people that I know that have pushed these courses off and have had a hard time to complete them or they dropped being a Biology major as a whole.

I have said it multiple times already but this is one of the worst things you can do as a Biology major and this is the reason it got its own blog post, that’s how passionate I am about this.

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