#17 First Week Of Junior Year

I am currently starting my Junior year of college are Arcadia University and I am excited for a multitude of reasons. The first is that we are fully back in person, with masks required indoors. I think this is something that a lot of people are excited about and looking forward to. The other reason is that this semester is when I finally begin to take Human Physiology and courses that are directly correlated with the healthcare industry. Although I am excited, I am still nervous about this semester and what is to come.

This semester I will be taking Human Physiology, Biochemistry, Honors Craftivism, and Junior Biology Seminar. This semester is not as loaded as other semesters I have taken but, the courses I am taking are extremely important and difficult. The first class I will talk about in my Human Physiology course. This course is a required prerequisite course for all Physician Assistant programs. This course dives into the mechanistic workings of the human organ system and physiological processes that occur in the body. This is my favorite course this semester just because I find the curriculum so fascinating. The idea of knowing how things work is always on my mind and just within the first week I have begun to discover and learn processes that blow my mind.

Biochemistry is another class I am excited about. The downfall of this class is the type of work required. Biochemistry is chemistry-based, but not just any chemistry. This chemistry includes Organic, Thermodynamics, and other topics I dreaded throughout my past two years of college. The plus about it being Biochemistry is that it is not a Chemistry course. This means that we will be focusing more on the processes and not as much on the mechanisms and intricate details of problem-solving.

Craftivism is a class that I ended up being forced to take, per se. To stay in the honors school at arcadia you need to take an honors course at least once every two semesters. I had the option between this and another honors course but, this course also provided me with AUC (liberal art) requirement that I needed to graduate. So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and take this class instead. I’m not too sure on what to expect this semester from this class but I am excited to work in an art studio and be hands-on with projects instead of sitting in lecture halls all day. I always like to have at least one class a semester that is interesting and interactive such as this one so it breaks up the repetitiveness and strain of sitting and listening all day.

The final class I am taking this semester is my Junior Biology Seminar class. This class is where we begin to develop and create our senior capstone projects. I don’t have any ideas on what I might be doing but I am thinking about doing something related to the chemical effects of medicine on an organism. For example, I thought of doing the effects of taking melatonin on the circadian rhythm of the sleep cycle. Obviously, I would narrow it more into a specific topic but, it is just a start. I am looking forward to this semester.

I will also be uploading my notes at the end of the semester for everyone to use.

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