#23 Busy Busy Week Update

I apologize for not posting yester, Thursday September 23, 2021. This week has been extremely busy with tests, lacrosse, and clubs. I have a Human Physiology test this morning and a Biochemistry test in the beginning of next week. Because of this I have decided that my next blog post will be next Thursday September 30, 2021. In the mean time I will still be updating social medias, answering emails, and answer comments. During this time I am going to continue to create more podcasts in hope of catching up to the current blog posts happening right now. As of today we have podcasts up to blog #10 General Biology. I am hoping to get much closer so that the podcasts comes out the same day or the following days after the written blog post. Thank you guys for understanding and keep spreading your branches!!

We can be contacted at Contact@mybiologyexperience.com

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I am a Biology Major attending Arcadia University. I started the company My Biology Experience in hopes to connect the Biology community on a closer level.

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