Something Is Trying To Contact Us From The Centre Of The Galaxy

photo of solar system

In the year 2020, a group of Australian scientists detected radio waves coming from the Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. These six recorded signals were a strange phenomenon but, out of nowhere, it seemed to just disappear.

Until February of this year, no one has detected these strange signals. When the new signals began to occur again all of the highest-powered telescopes were pointed in its direction in the hope to discover something amazing. What they uncovered was beyond amazing. Using different radio lengths they were unable to detect any other signal. This meant that the object emitting these radio waves was not a star that they at least understood. A series of other observations such as extreme flares with extreme reduction indicates it is a very small object.

The thing that is so amazing about this phenomenon is that nothing that we know of in this entire universe matches the traits of this object. So, is it a new type of star or black hole that we have never encountered or is it a civilization sending out messages in hopes of contacting another form of life. Share your thoughts below.

Reference: Discovery of ASKAP J173608.2–321635 as a Highly Polarized Transient Point Source with the Australian SKA Pathfinder (Ziteng Wang1,2,3, David L. Kaplan4, Tara Murphy1,3, Emil Lenc2, Shi Dai5, Ewan Barr6, Dougal Dobie3,7, B. M. Gaensler8,9, George Heald10, James K. Leung1,2,3, Andrew O’Brien4, Sergio Pintaldi11, Joshua Pritchard1,2,3, Nanda Rea12,13, Gregory R. Sivakoff14, B. W. Stappers15, Adam Stewart1, E. Tremou16, Yuanming Wang1,2,3, Patrick A. Woudt17, and Andrew Zic2,18 )

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