green leaf

Just about all plants perform an amazing process called Photosynthesis. This seemingly magical process uses carbon dioxide, water, sunlight, and a few other things for the creation of food! Imagine just having to stand outside and someone spraying you with water in order to get energized again. That is truly amazing.

Photosynthesis is performed in several main steps. Carbon Dioxide enters the plant through stoma or small openings in the leaf of plants. The combination of CO2, H2O and light energy splits the CO2 into Oxygen gas (O2) after the light reflects off the thylakoid. The reason why plants are green is because of this reason. Colors are what our eyes receive off reflecting objects. The plant absorbs all colors expect for the wavelength of green, hence why we see it as green. The electrons that are received from this splitting of CO2 move down to other enzymes eventually reaching the Calvin cycle. After the Calvin cycle has occurred the plant will have produced 3 ADP, 2 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate (G3P) molecules, and 2 NADP+. These products are used for energy and storage of energy for the future.

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