blue peacock

Peafowl is the common name for three types of avian species. These birds are known for their extravagant feathers and colors. Often imitated in designs for clothing and designs. The peafowl can range in colors from Blue, Green, White, Purple, Cameo, Charcoal, Opal, Bronze, Peach, Midnight, Jade, Taupe, Sonja’s Violeta, Hazel, and Indigo. The average peafowl lives for 10-25 years but, if they are domesticated they can live up to 50 years!

Peafowls are actually non-avian birds, however. They reside in dry and warm areas such as farmlands, forests, and are sometimes found in rainforests. The peafowl is an omnivorous bird that feeds on fruits, plants, and many insects. These birds are about 6-7 feet in length making them one of the largest birds alive today!

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