Whale Sharks

whale shark swimming underwater

One of the largest organisms in the ocean is the massive whale shark or R. typus. These creatures are beyond any other shark in size, reaching lengths of 33 feet long and a mouth almost reaching the size of a human at 5 feet in length. These amazing sharks are typically located in tropical waters between 30 degrees North and 35 degrees South.

Although these nonmammalian vertebrae are immense and scary in size, these creatures are no harm to humans. Whale sharks are filter feeders and use their large mouths to eat plankton, krill, shrimp, and anything else that gets engulfed in the black hole we call a mouth. The Whale shark and many other organisms in the sea have a dark dorsal skin tone and a light, usually white, belly. This is to achieve camouflage from both above and below. The white blends into the bright light of the surface of the water if you look below and the dark back resembles the dark blue water the shark swims in.

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