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Penguins are one of the most loved animals in the world. Their small features and funny personality make them loved by many. Penguins are actually a group of birds as some people might know. Their wings/arms were an exaptation from avian birds in their ancestry. Their wings slowly evolved from being used for flight to being used for gliding and directing themselves through the water. Some of the fastest penguins in the world at called Gentoo Penguins and can swim up to 23 mph. That is faster than we can run on the ground!!

One of the most amazing things that we love penguins for is that penguins fall in love with other penguins. When choosing a partner they are picked for life! It is almost like humans are falling in love in the coldest place on Earth.

Penguins live mostly in the southern hemisphere and do not always live in cold places. Penguins can be found as north as the Galapagos islands, almost right on the equator! However, it is sad to say that if you live in the northern hemisphere you will not be seeing any native penguins

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