brown animal on green grass

from the continent of South America, these organisms have spread north as far as Oklahoma. These creatures often reside in places that the soil is not difficult to dig so that it can create its burrow for protection from danger. The armadillo is a master of defense. Their hard shell that looks as if they are wearing a Knight’s armor is a layer of hardened Keratin called an osteoderm. Armadillos are often known for rolling into a ball to aid in their protection but, this is untrue for most of their species. Out of 20 species known in existence, only one of the species is known to curl into a ball for protection.

The Armadillo enjoys feasting on all types of insects using their long and sticky tong. This allows them to easily capture small insects residing in holes and crevasses. One of the coolest things about Armadillos is how they are born. Almost every single time, four identically looking pups are born from the same egg!

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