The Moose or sometimes known as Elk is the largest extant group of the Deer family. Weighing up to 1,500 pounds or 680 Kg and reaching heights of up to 7-8 feet these giants of the forest are extremely intimidating. With their huge antlers spanning widths of 6 feet wide and running up to 35 mph, you do NOT want to get in the way of this animal. They are known for taking down small trees and even totaling cars.

Even though Moose fall into the Deer family, they do not resemble or act like Deer in many ways. Deer usually travel in groups or herds. Moose on the other hand are solitary animals that stay with their mother until 18 months of age. Due to their extreme size and their thick fur, Moose are only able to stay in cold climates. They reside in the northern regions of the United States (Vermont, Washington, Alaska, etc.) and Canada. They can even be found in the northern parts of Eurasia.

At first glance at a Moose, you might think that it will sink immediately when it touches water. However, Moose are actually extreme swimmers and often swim across lakes and rivers when traveling. One of the most fascinating things is that a Calve can outrun a Human just 5 days after birth!!

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