Turkey: Happy Thanksgiving

wild turkey

Today is Thanksgiving and we are extremely thankful for everyone who gives support to My Biology Experience. Turkey is native to North America and has two extant species, the wild turkey of east and central North America and the ocellated turkey of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Turkey is one of the largest birds that still have some ability to fly. They can fly short distances at speeds of up to 40 to 50 mph! It is just good that they aren’t flying off your plate this holiday season. Surprisingly, Turkey can also swim and run.

Unfortunately, life expectancy for these birds is relatively short of up to four years. If you are looking for Turkey in the wild you might often be looking on the ground when you should actually be looking in the trees. Wild Turkey sleep in the trees to hide from any predators that might want an early Thanksgiving meal. As you can probably imagine, Turkeys are not the best when it comes to defending or attacking other animals. Thus, their vision is impeccable and they have a 270-degree range of view to watch out for any predators.

Around this time of the year, it is pretty scary to be a Turkey. Over 75 million Turkeys will be eaten over this holiday season. So enjoy your Thanksgiving and time with your family and friends. We are wishing you have happy Thanksgiving and Holidays from My Biology Experience.

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