Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles or Marine Turtles are some of the most loved and sought out creatures of the deep blue sea. These organisms are classified as reptiles and have been swimming around for over 110 million years! In our oceans, we have seven species of Marine turtles. They mostly live in warmer clear waters. So, if you are hoping to see a turtle in the ocean in the north, you better not get your hopes up too high.

Over the last hundred years or so, human pollution has caused the decline of many of the Marine Turtle species. Things such as plastics have shortened their long lives down to only years and sometimes days. On top of that, the increasing temperature of the Earth is resulting in an increased population of Female turtles. This is making it harder for them to reproduce and increase their numbers. Marine turtle eggs are very interesting. Their sex is not determined by a chromosome being passed by a parent but by the temperature of the sand during the development of the egg. Cooler temperatures produce males while warmer temperatures produce females.

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