The Chimpanzee: Humans Closest Relatives

The Chimpanzee sometimes referred to as a Chimp, is a primate native to tropical Africa. The Chimp is a species of the great apes and there are only four identifiable species in the world, with a fifth one being proposed. These creatures are often held in captivity in zoos or studies. When held in captivity and handled by experts these hominids can have around an 80% increase in their lifespan. In the wild Chimp is the prey of numerous predators including snakes, leopards, and even humans.

One of the most interesting things about observing a species so closely related to humans is to see their similarities with us. Chimpanzees are highly social animals. Often, many organisms care for their young for a select period and then abandon them. Chimpanzees are much like humans in the aspect of creating a family and community. Chimps form a tribe in their habitat in which they will share food, communicate dangers, clean each other, and care for the young. One of the coolest things to observe is the hagiarchy system that they have. Chimps that are considered to be stronger and a higher class can be observed higher in the trees. As you move lower you will observe the lower class Chimps.

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