One of the funniest things to ask people is, what gender is a cow? For someone that does not know the answer, they might look at you puzzled and confused. Is there an answer to this? Yes!! The term cow refers to the female cattle. The word Cow has been normalized to use for most things that look like cows. So, what is a male cow called? A male cow is called a bull and does not produce milk like its female counterpart. There are many species of cattle throughout the world including the Eurasian cattle, European cattle, and Taurine cattle.

Cattle are modern species and have not been around for thousands of years like sharks for example. These herbivores have been bred in captivity to express large mammalian glands for milk production and large bodies for meat consumption. It can be presumed that if they were to evolve in the wild that they might become slimmer and faster animals that can evade predators. One of their adaptations is their vision. Cattle have a field of view of almost 360 degrees but, have trouble seeing straight in front of them.

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