The ostrich is known for its long neck and legs as well as being a dumb bird that drives its head into the ground when it is scared. First off, I am here to say that an Ostrich slamming its head into the ground is actually a myth and was actually a saying created in ancient Rome to describe someone that is avoiding their problems. Ostriches are known however for being a flightless species of bird that and is actually the largest bird in the entire world! An adult male can stand approximately 9.2 feet tall, which is almost the size of a basketball hoop.

When it comes to digestion these birds are pretty interesting. These massive birds have three stomachs that mechanically and chemically digest nutrients. When the nutrients are fully digested the Ostrich performs excretion and micturition. Unlike, all other birds, the ostrich produces urine to be excreted separately from the feces. Even though these birds do not have teeth, you should still not try to outrun them. With their long legs and muscular body, they can reach speeds of up to 45 mph!

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