#35 Help Us Clean The Oceans!

The My Biology Experience page has set out on a mission to raise $1,000 for The Ocean Cleanup Project. The Ocean Cleanup Project is an organization dedicated to removing one pound of waste from oceans, rivers, and beaches for every dollar that is donated! They have amazing contraptions such as barges that trap waste on a conveyer belt. Did I say that these barges are powered by 100% natural solar energy! The things this organization is doing is next level. So, how can you help clean the oceans with the My Biology Experience page? We have started a fundraiser on our Instagram (@MyBiologyExperience) where you can donate! If you are not in a position to donate, don’t worry! Sharing our posts and spreading awareness of the cause is just as valuable. We thank you for your support of our page and our mission and we hope that you will support The Ocean Cleanup Project on theirs.

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I am a Biology Major attending Arcadia University. I started the company My Biology Experience in hopes to connect the Biology community on a closer level.

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