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Pine Tree: Types of Leaves

The Pine tree is a staple symbol of Christmas and the month of December. Millions of people grow and cut down these trees every year, but do you know anything about them? The pine tree has over 100 species alive today and can stand over 200 feet tall at its highest. The tree is notorious for its spikey leaves, but did you know that there are seven different kinds of leaves on a Pine tree?

The first of the four are seed leaves. They are typically created in a bundle of 4-24 and will eventually form into what is commonly known as a pinecone.

The second type of leaf is juvenile leaves. These leaves are the first to follow the growth of young trees and are 2–6 cm long. They are green or often blue-green and arranged spirally on the shoot of the tree. These are produced for six months to five years.

The third type of leaf on a Pine tree is a scale leaf. Similar to juvenile leaves they form spirally but, they are brown or light-brown and do not perform photosynthesis.

The final type of leaf on a Pine tree is the adult leaves or needles. These are the leaves that notoriously poke you with their sharp points. They are photosynthetic and make of most of the Pine tree’s leaves. They arise after 1.5 years after the tree begins to grow and are eaten by animals.

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