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Pelican: Can They Eat A Human?

The Pelican is a genus of aqueous large birds that contain eight species. They are often identified by their long wingspan and their odd-shaped mouth. Their mouth or bill contains a fibrous skin pouch that hangs from the bottom of the bill. It is easily expandable and helps catch fish when hunting in the ocean. The fibrous pouch is also called a gular sac. These sacs help catch their wide variety of prey that includes turtles, fish, crustaceans, and there have even been some accounts of Pelicans trying to consume humans.

Pelicans are predominantly white or light-colored to blend into the sky. However, some Pelicans such as the brown and Peruvian pelicans are dark in color. The darker colored Pelicans were slowly going extinct in the past hundred years but, with the cleaning of the oceans and preservation of their species, they have begun to increase in population.

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