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Manatees: Sea Cows!

Manatees are the Pandas of the ocean. Their large rounded bodies make them look like they are your friends of the ocean. This is in fact true too! Manatees are of no danger to swimmers because of their docile nature and their pure herbivore diet. The Manatee is sometimes referred to as a sea cow and even though they are friends of humans, we are their biggest danger to extinction. Manatees do not have any real predators that hunt them to reduce their population. Even though sharks and alligators can hunt them, these major predators do not inhibit the same waters as them. Instead, our destruction of their habitat and pollution lead to increased rates of death.

Unlike most aquatic species, the Manatee can move freely between freshwater and saltwater environments. Thus, they have been found in rivers, the Caribbean ocean, the Amazon basin, the Gulf of Mexico, and the West African ocean. Due to the Manatee having few predators they have had a prolonged lifespan in the wild than one might expect of 60 years or more.

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