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#37 The First Biology NFT Collection

Expected Biology Experience from the Experience Biology Collection

In the last four months, almost every person interested or invested in cryptocurrency has heard about the craze of NFTs. NFT stands for a Non-fungible token and what they are in the simplest of terms is an image, video, gif, or work of art that is tied with a cryptocurrency. So, instead of paying for a piece of art with a fiat currency such as the United States Dollar you pay with something such as Ethereum or Wrapped Ethereum. When you buy this image, the value of your NFT can increase based on two main criteria: popularity and price of the coin. If people like your image the demand for your image will increase ultimately increasing the price. If the price of the cryptocurrency your image is tied with increases the value also increases.

My Biology Experience is looking to connect the Biology community in all forms of the future. We believe that creating art in the NFT world associated with the Biology community will help promote connections around the world as well as increase the popularity of uncommon jobs such as Biology illustration.

“Ideal Biology Experience” from the Experience Biology collection

As we begin to connect the Biology community through a diverse manor, we have decided to start the push for the future with our own Biology NFTs. We are calling it the “Experience Biology” collection. This collection consists of abstract images of what someone might picture while studying Biology. When you buy one from the collection you will not only receive the cryptocurrency and the image but levels from the image. With these levels, you will be able to access secret abilities such as publishing your own post on our website. The best part about our NFTs is that there are no gas prices when purchasing them. This means you pay for the amount you see, as long as you pay directly with the same currency.

For the future, we plan to expand our collections to more specific sections of Biology such as Biochemistry, Microbiology, and possibly to even field of study. If you are interested in checking out our NFTs click here.

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I am a Biology Major attending Arcadia University. I started the company My Biology Experience in hopes to connect the Biology community on a closer level.

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