Polar Bears: The Kings Of The North

close up photo of polar bear with its eyes closed

The Polar bear is represented as a warm loving animal that lives in some of the coldest climates known to this planet. These animals are not warm in loving, however. They are the largest bear species alive standing at heights of almost 10 feet tall. That is the size of a basketball hoop! Not only are they massive in size but, they are hungry for meat as well. These animals are hypercarnivorous which means that their entire diet consists of over 70% of meat!

How do these animals stay warm if they are in such cold conditions? The polar bear is extremely well adapted for these conditions with a 10cm thick layer of blubber and a 15cm thick layer of fur! All of these insulations for thermoregulation means that the Polar bear can stay warm in temperatures 30 below zero. One of the things that might surprise you the most is the color of a Polar bear. On a polar bear, there is no white pigmentation. Their skin is actually black and their fur is hollow. The reflection of their environment makes them appear white. This black skin also helps absorb heat.

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