Goats: Are They The Greatest?

white goat leaning on fence

The goat is a species of an animal closely related to sheep. They were originally domesticated from southwest Asia and easter Europe. Goats are notorious for being farm animals that provide milk and even meat. Goat is not a popular dish in the United States but, it is enjoyed around the world by millions. It is actually the most eaten meal in the world. On average Goat will live for 15-18 years and grow up 310 pounds in their largest forms.

Many people love to play with Goats and this is for a good reason. Most of the species are extremely friendly and they can even be taught their name and commands such as sit and come. The hardest thing to do on a Goat is to sneak up on them, however. Their eyes are outward-facing and large allowing them to see up to 340 degrees compared to a human’s vision of up to 210.

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