Pigeons: The Birds Of The City

selective focus photography of flock of gray pigeons perched on wall covered with snow

It has been a cold few days here in Philidelphia, but one of the locals never seem to think so. The Pigeon can be seen in all major cities around the United States. As they walk around, fearless of anything or anyone, they scavenge for anything to eat. They will find a hotdog that fell on the ground or bread someone is tossing for them. The Pigeon is closely related to the dove and are the only two families in the Columbiformes order. These avian birds have a stout body and short neck their short bills are indicative of their scavenging diet (fruits, seeds, plants, etc.)

Most of the time when someone mentions a pigeon they picture a grey or white bird. The truth is that pigeons can be a rainbow of colors including tangerine, orange, and even red. This color combination can be seen in most pigeons if looked at very closely. The most common color is a mixture of grey and white, however.

So, you may be asking where pigeons nest in such busy cities. Pigeons will make any place home if possible. This includes ledges of skyscrapers, nooks of buildings, and often below bridges or overhangs. So, the next time you are walking around the busy city look up and try to find a nest of one of the natives.

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