Rhinoceros: Horns More Valuable Than Gold

selective focus photograph of a rhinoceros

The Rhinoceros or Rhino is a part of a group of odd-toed land mammals that are located in Africa and Southeast Asia. These animals are known for the giant horns on their face. Many people believe that these horns are extensions of their skeletal system but, they are actually made of the same material as your hair and nails. The Rhino horn is made of a hardened form of keratin that makes it durable and strong for defense and intimidation.

You may often hear that rhinos are being hunted for their horns but, why is something that is made of the same material as our nails so valuable? The reason is first that Rhino horns are rare. There are an estimated 27,000 Rhinos left alive today and those numbers are decreasing. For this reason, acquiring a horn is extremely difficult to do. The other reason is that the Rhino horn is seen as a status material. This means that having the material increases your status in society and may make you a more powerful person in a community. Rhino horns are also used in medicine and are believed to have extremely powerful healing powers.

Rhinos are extremely large standing at heights of 6 feet and lengths of 13 feet. These massive creatures also have extremely thick and durable skin that allows them to survive attacks from other animals and travel through the harsh landscape they live in.

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