Owls: The Smartest Birds?

gray white snow spotted owl close up photo

Owls are known for their large eyes, fluffy feathers, and their incredible sight but, I guarantee there is a lot more you did not know about Owls. The standard Owl is a part of the order Strigiformes, which contains over 200 species of Owls. This order is defined as nocturnal birds that have binocular vision and hearing, sharp talons, upright stance, broad head, and feathers that have been adapted to silent flight.

Though there are many species of Owls, they all share the same characteristics. The most common owl of them all is the barn owl. This owl can be found anywhere in the world except in desert and polar regions. They weigh on average, just over one pound and are about one foot tall. These creatures are not just adapted for catching prey with their sharp talons and their incredible eyesight but, they are intelligent at it as well. This doesn’t mean they are intelligent in general, however. In fact, Owls are not even close to the smartest of birds. Their brains are developed in a way that two-thirds of it is meant for senses such as hearing and vision. These rest is meant for cognitive problem solving and other functions. This means that they can not figure out complex solutions like a crow or parrot. This is why they are intelligent at hunting only.

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