Red Panda: Are They Pandas?

red panda on brown wood

The Red Panda may be the only thing cuter than a regular Panda. These tiny mammals are a mixture between a raccoon, a fox, and a panda. Though they look like Raccoons and Foxes, you will not find them running through your streets and sifting through your garbage. These pandas are found climbing through the trees of the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. Their small size of about 2 feet and a weight of about 22 pounds allows them to move with ease on branches, something no other species of pandas can do.

One of the most interesting things about Red Pandas is that they are classified as Vegetarian Carnivores. The reason they are classified in this unique group is that their evolution is from a carnivorous family. Their body is equipped to digest and survive off a carnivorous diet but, 99% of their intake is bamboo. Their digestive system can absorb and use about 21% of the nutrients from bamboo and since there is so much in their habitat it is the primary source in their diet.

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