CO2 Emissions Making Oceans Acid!!

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When hearing about climate change the first thing that comes to making are the temperatures rising and how humans are causing it. However, there are parts of climate change that aren’t visible and people rarely talk about. One of these topics is ocean acidification via Carbon Dioxide emission.

When organic materials are used for fuel such as oil, one of the byproducts is carbon dioxide. Even when you breathe oxygen, your body is releasing byproducts into the air. Even though you can’t see it, those products travel through the air interacting with other compounds and creating more stable products. When carbon dioxide interacts with water and carbonate ions it creates bicarbonate ions and hydrogen ions. This is significant because pH is determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions within a solution. In this case, you can think of the ocean as a giant beaker of water in a lab and human carbon emission are you breathing into the tube. If you were to try this out in real life, the pH of the beaker would become more acidic.

Ocean acidification | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

For more than a hundred years humans have been expelling carbon dioxide into the air in large amounts and the acidification effect can actually be seen. The pH of oceans is dropping which proves fatal for marine life. Due to how fast their environment is changing they can not evolve fast enough and will eventually die off. leading to a chain reaction that will ultimately affect the human race.

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