Lemures: Madagascar’s Primates

two gray lemurs sitting on wooden surface

The lemur is a very unique wet-nosed mammal that is only found in Madagascar. These mammals are extremely diverse and there are over 100 different species of lemures. The defining characteristics of lemures usually include a pointy nose, long tails, fur, large eyes, and small in overall size. One of the most interesting things about Lemures is that they are within the order Primate. On top of this, they are extremely closely related to Humans, Apes, and Monkeys and are often considered our “cousins”.

Since Lemures are more developed and complex than most other animals on Earth, they experience many unique traits. One of these traits includes the developed ability of behavior. This means that Lemures have developed social and community-like behaviors such as group huddling, nest sharing, and seasonal dormancy. As well as this, their behaviors are a major part of maintaining the ecosystem of Madagascar. They are considered major seed spreaders and their movement and dietary habits help spread pollen and seed for future growth.

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