#41 Update On My Semester

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It is currently halfway through the Spring semester of my junior year. It is crazy to think that three years ago I was a senior in high school preparing for college. It is true what they say, time will fly so enjoy every moment.

This semester I am taking four classes and two labs. My four classes include Microbiology, Human Anatomy, CSI UK (GFS), and TEDxArcadiaUniversity. In comparison to other semesters, this semester is relatively easy with the hardest two classes being Human Anatomy and Microbiology.

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Thus, far I have enjoyed each one of my classes and am excited to continue learning these topics. I was surprised most by how much I enjoy Microbiology. I personally am not a fan of learning about prokaryotic organisms and their function but, this semester has been different.

Human Anatomy has been really interesting but very time-consuming. The material is relatively easy but, the sheer amount of material is difficult. I have had to put extra time aside to study and write notes for this class.

My two easy classes are CSI UK and TEDxArcadiaUniversity. My CSI UK course is a Global Fields Study (GFS) course. This means that after the semester is over I will be traveling to the UK to apply the knowledge I learned in class. This class is targeted at the forensics area of criminal investigations. We learn the differences between the United States and the United Kingdom when it comes to policing, governing, and investigating crimes. It has been very interesting so far and I am super excited to travel abroad for the first time.

city view at london
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Finally, my last class is TEDxArcadiaUniversity. This class is unique to Arcadia and specific to the Honors Program. Within this class, I am organizing and creating a TEDx event by creating a theme, picking speakers, making merchandise, and hosting the event. It has been an amazing experience of learning real-world marketing and communication.

Outside of my classes I have been taking part in my usual clubs and have even started to work with my professor on her own independent research. I will make a post in the future to explain more about that but, it has been really interesting and educational so far. One of the other major things I am doing this semester is applying to graduate school (Want to be a PA?). This is a major part of my future career and it is crazy that it is already here. 

Overall, this semester has gone very smoothly and I am excited to see where I end up. My next update on my semester will be around finals week. Follow along to experience this journey with me!

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