Tufted Deer: Vampires or Not?

The Tufted Deer is one of the most unique mammals in the entire world. Identified by its tufted black fur on its forehead and its fang-like canines. That is right, I said fang-like canine! These species of deer look exactly like the animal of a vampire biting a deer.

The reasons these deer have adapted such large fangs are the same reason other species of deer grow larger antlers. They are meant to be used as a weapon when competing for females. Over thousands of years of adaption, deer have developed these fangs but, the Tufted Deer has the largest you can find on a deer. The adaptation for competition over females can also be proven by the presence of these fangs only in males.

Other than identifying the long fangs of the Tufted Deer you can identify them clearly by their calls. Commonly confused with man’s best friend, Tufted Deer calls sound exactly like a dog’s bark. This bark is part of their defense system to help scare off predators and any unwanted animals.

The Tufted Deer can be found in high damp forests about 1,300-14,000 ft above sea level in China. This small species of deer can reach heights of 2 feet and weighs 110 pounds. They have a diet that consists of only plants ranging from leaves, plants, fruit, and twigs. This rough diet is digested in their 4 stomachs that mash and break the vegetation up for digestion.

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