Stick Insects: Insects In Disguise

Stick insects, otherwise known as Phasmatodea, are not a singular type of species. The term stick bugs and stick insects is a common name for the order Phasmatodea. This order is described as having the appearance of natural shrubbery and contains more than 3,000 species. Some of their unique characteristics include the ability to regenerate limbs and produce offspring with an unfertilized cell (parthenogenesis).

These insects can be found on every continent except Antarctica. They often live in warmer, tropical climates like tropical forests and woodlands. In these environments, they will be able to blend into their surroundings and evade their predators. In fact, these insects are so well at hiding that you can pick one up without knowing it was an insect until it starts moving in your hand of course.

The most common stick bug is the Northern Walkingstick. They are relatively small in length reaching up to 90 mm or about the size of your hand. They are usually brown or green in color and have 4 major walking legs. Their main source of food is usually foliage and leaves.

One of the things you might have never realized is that some walking sticks have wings! Some are wingless like the Northern walking stick but, researchers have been finding evidence that some species of walking sticks are regaining the ability the fly.

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