Proboscis Monkey: Does Size Matter?

The Proboscis monkey is a primate found on the southeastern Asian island of Borneo. Also known as the long-nosed monkey due to its abnormally oversized nose it is easily recognized. Along with its long nose, it is covered in multi-colored fur. Its hair is reddish-brown near the head and neck, light-brown around the body and arms, and grey at the torso and legs.

So, why does this monkey have such a large nose? Scientists are not exactly sure why the Proboscis monkey has developed such as large nose but they do know that it is related to mating. It is believed that the larger the nose the more attractive a male might be. This can be due to the visual size but, it is also believed that a larger nose is correlated with louder mating calls. Louder matting calls mean that they can be heard by more females and have a better chance of reproducing. Adaptations that increase the ability to reproduce will have a greater chance of being expressed. This is the reason Proboscis monkeys have large noses.

If you haven’t heard of the Proboscis monkey it is not a surprise. These primates are slowly going endangered. The reason for this is due to the damage and destruction of their natural habitats and food sources. Their diet consists of leaves, fruits, and sometimes insects. The increase in oil palm plantations and logging in the area has reduced the accessibility to these necessary nutrients as well as a safe home.

While living in the forests and mangroves of southeastern Asia, they face some of the most dangerous predators. These include leopards, humans, crocodiles, and more! To evade these predators they have developed webbed feet and hands to swim across rivers and lakes as well as their natural ability to climb trees.

The Probiscis money can range drastically between females and males. Males can reach weights of 50 pounds while females will only reach weights of 20 pounds. The male will also be about 2.5 feet in height while the female will be about 2 feet in height.

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