#46 Study Biology Section!

For the last year, we have discussed the best way to share information and education through My Biology Experience. We have discussed using notes from classes and materials used in class. But, we found that those materials were hard to read and understand because each person takes notes differently. We have also discussed creating a discussion board where people can post questions and the community can answer. However, with the platform we have created, we decided to do something better!

The Study Biology section will be published in the coming days and be an ongoing work in progress for the coming years as My Biology Experience continues to grow. The home page will consist of a list of courses like Human Anatomy, Introduction to Biology, and many other courses than can be requested by YOU! Within these “classes” you will have the opportunity to select posts made about the topic. For example, we have already begun to post material for Human Anatomy. You can select lessons on Epithelial tissue and others! This information can be used as an extra piece of material in the classroom or as a self-taught lesson!

We would love to hear what the community has to say about this project. Please feel free to ask questions about the lessons and we will be sure to update you in the future on our plans!

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I am a Biology Major attending Arcadia University. I started the company My Biology Experience in hopes to connect the Biology community on a closer level.

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