Media Discovery

Top 10 Biology News Media

1 Paul Nicklen

A man dedicated to educating the Biology community on what currently happening in the world. Focused on nature and climate, Paul has a strong following for a good reason.

2 Science Alert

A true Biology page dedicated to all aspects and areas of the field. The pictures are quality and original and the descriptions and information are in-depth.

3 Live Science

Dedicated to exploring the world through science, they use their page to show the connection between history and science and how they have a mutualistic relationship.

4 U.S. Department of Interior

The U.S. department dedicated to conserving the outdoors, provides a similar page as the National Park Service but, with more topographic pictures.

5 National Park Service

Dedicated to keeping National parks safe, the media page shows astonishing pictures of animals and features within parks. With each picture is an in-depth description of that topic.

6 Curiosity

A media that has mastered the factoid. Mostly explaining and informing the follower of things they might encounter.

7 Olympus Life Science

Explores the world of the hidden, looking into microscopic organisms and features. All the pictures are captivating and original.

8 Asap Science

This page is more of an entertainment than a science page. But with each video, there is an interesting fact or idea.


This agency is a classic and is mostly focused on the universe and celestial bodies.

10 IFL Science

Covering topics from ladybugs to the universe, this page is good for beginner biologists that is looking for fun facts and posts on their page