#40 Life of A Biology Student

Experience an average day of what Patrick Ensmenger Experiences while studying Biology (Biomedical Studies) in the Honors Program at Arcadia University.

#38 What It’s Like Being a Student-Athlete

Many kids grow up dreaming of playing sports at the collegiate level as they watch their local team win homecoming, or sit in the stands at that big rival game that the entire town comes out to. But in college, the hard work isn’t just on the field. Athletes also strive to excel in theContinue reading “#38 What It’s Like Being a Student-Athlete”

A New Way To Treat Diabetes!

A study published on January 4, 2022, describes a new pathway and molecule that will help reduce blood glucose levels in patients with Diabetes. There are many forms of Diabetes, but the most commonly known forms are Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes. Type I Diabetes is usually a genetic disorder in which theContinue reading “A New Way To Treat Diabetes!”