#4 My High school Experience With Biology

At an early age, I grew an interest in all things science. The first time I remember being excited about a science topic was in 3rd grade when we learned about volumes of liquids and masses of objects. Though it is an extremely simple topic, my mind was so fascinated with how two objects canContinue reading “#4 My High school Experience With Biology”

#3 How I Picked Biology

Becoming a Biology major was not my initial intention when looking at colleges. I was so hell-bent on becoming a Physicians Assistant in high school that I completely looked past the fact that there is no undergraduate degree for a Physicians Assistant. If I am being honest, Biology picked me unwillingly. It seemed to beContinue reading “#3 How I Picked Biology”

#1 Hello!! About me

My name is Patrick Ensmenger and I am currently a Junior at Arcadia University. I major in Biology and am apart of the Honors school. After my undergraduate years I plan on attending a graduate school to become a certified Physicians Assistant. Along with that, I play for the Men’s lacrosse team and volunteer atContinue reading “#1 Hello!! About me”