#47 My Biology Experience Partners With Magoosh

The goal of My Biology Experience is to provide an opportunity for everyone interested in Biology to advance their learning and knowledge. We have aimed to do this through interviews with career experts, advice from a current college Biology major, providing links to other influencers, and creating unique content that can be used to study and learn.

As we continue to grow our community we aim to provide the most opportunities possible. For this reason, we have decided to partner with our friends Magoosh. Magoosh is an online test preparation service that provides live classes, practice problems, prep books, and so much more. They are not just for a select group of people as well. They provide programs and test preparation for the:

We are extremely excited to be partnering with Magoosh and look forward to a long and helpful relationship with our community.

#43 What Classes Should I Take In College?

With it being three-fourths of the way through the spring semester, people are beginning at looking for summer classes and signing up for their fall classes. This can be an extremely stressful time of the semester due to last-minute tests rolling in, presentations, group projects, and lab finals. On top of all of that, you will have to sit down and look through hundreds of offered classes to find your perfect schedule. Then, once you find your perfect schedule you have to beat the thousands of other kids in the school trying to fill those classes. Fortunately, I have gotten every schedule I have ever wanted and built my schedule well enough that I had the chance to graduate early with a Biology degree, concentration in biomedical studies, and a minor. This is how:

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1. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the key to having a relaxing final few semesters in college. Often, people will forget to look at the required classes they need to graduate and scramble to take them in their final semesters. Doing this can cause more work and result in taking classes that do not benefit you the most.

The first thing to do as a Freshman or if you have not done so already is to get a list of all the classes you need to take for your major, minor, concentration, and graduate school requirements. Then, if you need to find a list of all the classes you need to take outside of your major. My school calls these AUC requirements. These include classes such as English, Art, Science, Math, and History that teach visual literacy, cultural differences, and many other skills you need to graduate with a liberal arts degree.

This is an example of how I plan my semester. I list the course codes, how many credits they are, and what liberal arts credits they fill.

When you have these two lists it is vital that you look at what liberal art requirements your major, minor, and concentration classes fulfill. This prevents you from taking unnecessary classes that do not go to your major and would have been fulfilled by a class you had to take anyways. This will allow your schedule to be more flexible to extra courses that you are more interested in or even allow you to pick up another degree.

2. Do Not Push Classes Off

One of the worst things a person can do in college is push off a class. Saying you are going to take a class another semester never ends as you think. A perfect example of this is when Biology majors say they are going to take Chemistry later in their college career because they feel stressed and overwhelmed. I am not going to lie, sometimes you have semesters that are overwhelming and it feels like you can not handle them. This doesn’t mean that you just give up and drop a class. You aren’t the first person to feel stressed and overwhelmed in college. When you feel this, you looking for solutions to study more productively and be more efficient with your time. When you push off a class to a later semester you pair that difficult course with upper-level courses that were even harder than the classes you were taking at that moment. This creates a semester from hell that you will end up regretting in the future.

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So, how do you prevent feeling overwhelmed and stop yourself from dropping classes and pushing them off to later semesters? The first thing I would do is step back and look at your situation as a whole. Ask yourself what you can be doing at this moment to be more productive. Being more organized with your assignments or not waiting till the last minute to start them are usually pretty easy places to start. If your problems are beyond that I have a great exercise for your to try!

During this exercise, you write all the problems and trouble you are facing at that moment. After writing those problems you cross out the ones that you can not control. For the ones that are not crossed out you write down three things you can do right away to help fix them and two things you can do long term to fix them. Put this paper somewhere you will see it every single day and wait for your life to change!

3. Do Not Take Classes You Hate

One of the most common things people do in college is taking a class they hate because it fulfills multiple liberal art requirements. Part of being in college is having the option to take classes that coincide with your personality and interests. This means that if there is a history class that fulfills two of your liberal art requirements and you can not stand history, DO NOT TAKE IT!! I can guarantee that there is a class that fulfills both of those requirements but, is just not offered during that semester. That is when you look and plan ahead. If there are no classes that fulfill both I would recommend taking two classes you enjoy that fulfill the requirements.

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This does not mean avoiding classes you hate at all costs. Everyone in college has taken classes they hate but, sometimes your schedule requires that you take that dreaded class so that you can graduate on time. Again, this is going back to planning ahead and staying organized.

4. Ask Around

When you read the course description of a class you can only get a paragraph of what an entire semester is going to be like. To understand exactly what a class is going to be like and how hard or work-heavy it might be it is always a good idea to ask people that have taken it in the past. I have gotten syllabi from people as well as asked my advisor. This can help determine what classes you should take together to assure that your semester isn’t too rigorous.

#41 Update On My Semester

It is currently halfway through the Spring semester of my junior year. It is crazy to think that three years ago I was a senior in high school preparing for college. It is true what they say, time will fly so enjoy every moment.

This semester I am taking four classes and two labs. My four classes include Microbiology, Human Anatomy, CSI UK (GFS), and TEDxArcadiaUniversity. In comparison to other semesters, this semester is relatively easy with the hardest two classes being Human Anatomy and Microbiology.

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Thus, far I have enjoyed each one of my classes and am excited to continue learning these topics. I was surprised most by how much I enjoy Microbiology. I personally am not a fan of learning about prokaryotic organisms and their function but, this semester has been different.

Human Anatomy has been really interesting but very time-consuming. The material is relatively easy but, the sheer amount of material is difficult. I have had to put extra time aside to study and write notes for this class.

My two easy classes are CSI UK and TEDxArcadiaUniversity. My CSI UK course is a Global Fields Study (GFS) course. This means that after the semester is over I will be traveling to the UK to apply the knowledge I learned in class. This class is targeted at the forensics area of criminal investigations. We learn the differences between the United States and the United Kingdom when it comes to policing, governing, and investigating crimes. It has been very interesting so far and I am super excited to travel abroad for the first time.

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Finally, my last class is TEDxArcadiaUniversity. This class is unique to Arcadia and specific to the Honors Program. Within this class, I am organizing and creating a TEDx event by creating a theme, picking speakers, making merchandise, and hosting the event. It has been an amazing experience of learning real-world marketing and communication.

Outside of my classes I have been taking part in my usual clubs and have even started to work with my professor on her own independent research. I will make a post in the future to explain more about that but, it has been really interesting and educational so far. One of the other major things I am doing this semester is applying to graduate school (Want to be a PA?). This is a major part of my future career and it is crazy that it is already here. 

Overall, this semester has gone very smoothly and I am excited to see where I end up. My next update on my semester will be around finals week. Follow along to experience this journey with me!