A New Way To Treat Diabetes!

A study published on January 4, 2022, describes a new pathway and molecule that will help reduce blood glucose levels in patients with Diabetes. There are many forms of Diabetes, but the most commonly known forms are Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes. Type I Diabetes is usually a genetic disorder in which theContinue reading “A New Way To Treat Diabetes!”

#37 The First Biology NFT Collection

In the last four months, almost every person interested or invested in cryptocurrency has heard about the craze of NFTs. NFT stands for a Non-fungible token and what they are in the simplest of terms is an image, video, gif, or work of art that is tied with a cryptocurrency. So, instead of paying for aContinue reading “#37 The First Biology NFT Collection”

#36 The Musts of Adapting to College (Mostly) Stress-Free 

Attending college is often described as a pivotal point in your life. It helps you discover the type of person you truly are and puts you on a career path for the rest of your life. Some of you are no longer living at home and sharing responsibilities with other people. Instead, you are anContinue reading “#36 The Musts of Adapting to College (Mostly) Stress-Free ”