#32 Top 5 Hardest Classes In College

so far, I am in my junior year of college and I have taken almost all the required courses for Biology majors with a concentration in Biomedical Studies. On top of that I have taken Honors courses. Most of these have been difficult but today I will be ranking the 5 hardest courses I haveContinue reading “#32 Top 5 Hardest Classes In College”

#29 Want to Be a PA? What To Know

Want to Be a PA? What You Need to Know Arcadia is known for its high-caliber academic programs, and the Physician’s Assistant program is no exception. The program receives more than 3,000 applications every year for just around 100 spots.  One of the remarkable things about attending Arcadia as an undergraduate is that you canContinue reading “#29 Want to Be a PA? What To Know”

#25 Preparing To Apply To Graduate School

Preparing to apply to graduate school is a whole thing in itself. You need to take exams, fill out applications, attend interviews, and do many other things. It is the beginning of my junior year of undergraduate school and at the end of my spring semester I will be filling out my applications for graduateContinue reading “#25 Preparing To Apply To Graduate School”