#24 Being Sick In College

Becoming sick or ill during college is inevitable. The dorms, classrooms, and the facilities themselves are usually a petri dish for spreading all variants of viruses and colds. If you manage to go to college and not get some sort of sickness within a semester or two, you might have the best immune system inContinue reading “#24 Being Sick In College”

#22 My Car Got Towed And It Relates To Biology

This past weekend, I was in Philadelphia, seeing my brother who lives there. It was a very exciting time because I don’t get to see my family other than holidays and breaks during my undergraduate years. I had lacrosse practice in the morning and immediately drove 45 minutes south to have lunch with him. FindingContinue reading “#22 My Car Got Towed And It Relates To Biology”

#21 Getting An EMT License

Watching action shows where heroic men and women come rushing in blaring ambulances to save the lives of serious trauma and disease was something I grew up watching in numerous Hollywood productions. Never did I think that I would have the opportunity to be that person in real life until It was my senior yearContinue reading “#21 Getting An EMT License”