#15 The Worst Thing To Do As A Biology Major

Everyone says that being a Biology major is hard because of the courses and this is extremely true. However, there is one thing that can make a Biology majors life even more difficult and sometimes impossible! That is pushing off hard classes. It is ok to spread hard classes throughout your four years of collegeContinue reading “#15 The Worst Thing To Do As A Biology Major”

#14 General Chemistry: How To Do Well

Chemistry… the class that lurks in the streets waiting for the moment you have to confront it. Feared by so many that people will change majors just not to take it. General Chemistry is often the hardest class a college student will take in their freshman year of school. The combination of the amount ofContinue reading “#14 General Chemistry: How To Do Well”

#13 Should I Be Taking All These AP Courses?

High school is challenging for many different reasons. It is a time where you start to become your own person. You begin to grow passions, relationships, experience, and make mistakes. With all of this life drama and decision-making throughout high school, you have classes mixed in. Typically for the first couple of years, everyone takesContinue reading “#13 Should I Be Taking All These AP Courses?”