#11 How Do I Get An Internship Or Research Position?

It is almost expected when applying to a graduate school or a profession after college that you have had some sort of experience. This experience can range from each application and can be as simple as having the skillset for the job or having a minimum number of hours worked within that field of study.Continue reading “#11 How Do I Get An Internship Or Research Position?”

#10 General Biology

General Biology is one of the first real science courses many college students take. This 100 level course is an amazing introduction that touches the surface and covers the basics of what you will be studying throughout your degree. General Biology has its positives and negatives just like anything else, however. Throughout this post IContinue reading “#10 General Biology”

#8 First Semester Preparation Recommendations

The first semester of college comes with a waterfall of emotions. There is excitement, happiness, jitters, nerves, sadness, and tears. Some people move away to college while others stay home. Every single person’s college experience is unique and different. My recommendations are from my own experiences and should be taken into consideration after evaluating yourContinue reading “#8 First Semester Preparation Recommendations”