Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles or Marine Turtles are some of the most loved and sought out creatures of the deep blue sea. These organisms are classified as reptiles and have been swimming around for over 110 million years! In our oceans we have seven species of Marine turtles. They mostly live in warmer clear waters. So, ifContinue reading “Sea Turtles”

Why Do We Scratch Ourselves From Nowhere

The sensory system is an important and complicated series of receptors and afferent nerves creating networks of pathways to an integrating center. This integrating center is responsible for processing and producing an afferent/ response signal to your body. This integrating center can be located in your brain or somewhere else in your body such asContinue reading “Why Do We Scratch Ourselves From Nowhere”


The scorpion is a feared creature by many for its sharp pincers and its long stinging needle on its tail. Scorpions are an arachnid that have 8 legs. Don’t worry, scorpions are not out to get you either. Their prey include small insects, centipedes, and spiders. Unlike spiders, scorpions do not lay eggs and areContinue reading “Scorpion”