Stick Insects: Insects In Disguise

Stick insects, otherwise known as Phasmatodea, are not a singular type of species. The term stick bugs and stick insects is a common name for the order Phasmatodea. This order is described as having the appearance of natural shrubbery and contains more than 3,000 species. Some of their unique characteristics include the ability to regenerateContinue reading “Stick Insects: Insects In Disguise”

Muscles of The Quadricep

The Quadricep muscles are located on the anterior portion of your thigh. Combined, their function is to flex the hip and extend the leg at the knee joint. The reason it is called the Quadricep is that it is made of four major muscles (Quad-). These muscles include the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis,Continue reading “Muscles of The Quadricep”

Gerenuk: No Not a Giraffe!

The Gerenuk looks as if you combined a Giraffe and Gazelle together. It has a long slim neck and limbs with s-shaped horns (only in males) that resemble a common Gazelle. Reaching heights between 3-3.5 feet and weighing up to 90 pounds, these animals are found in the horn of Africa and the dry regionsContinue reading “Gerenuk: No Not a Giraffe!”