#9 How I Selected Arcadia University

I am now a Junior at Arcadia University and I am loving the people I have met and my experience thus far. The story of how I selected Arcadia University is not a fairytale, however. It is a road of broken hopes and dreams that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When decidingContinue reading “#9 How I Selected Arcadia University”

#8 First Semester Preparation Recommendations

The first semester of college comes with a waterfall of emotions. There is excitement, happiness, jitters, nerves, sadness, and tears. Some people move away to college while others stay home. Every single person’s college experience is unique and different. My recommendations are from my own experiences and should be taken into consideration after evaluating yourContinue reading “#8 First Semester Preparation Recommendations”

#7 Struggle of Learning In Healthcare, Part 2: Legitimacy

While learning there are two types of struggles, content and mental. Content consists of knowing accurate information, and practicing skills. Content struggle usually takes place in academia but, often happens outside of it as well. The second type of struggle is mental. Mental struggle is facing and battling outside factors you have no control over.Continue reading “#7 Struggle of Learning In Healthcare, Part 2: Legitimacy”