Owls: The Smartest Birds?

Owls are known for their large eyes, fluffy feathers, and their incredible sight but, I guarantee there is a lot more you did not know about Owls. The standard Owl is a part of the order Strigiformes, which contains over 200 species of Owls. This order is defined as nocturnal birds that have binocular visionContinue reading “Owls: The Smartest Birds?”

Dinosaurs: A Blast From The Past

Dinosaurs are some of the greatest creatures that have ever roamed the surface of this Earth. Some of them standing at heights of over 80 feet, were large species that were diverse in nature. Some flew across the sky with their wings so large that it made a sunny day seem cold and dark. TheContinue reading “Dinosaurs: A Blast From The Past”

Pelican: Can They Eat A Human?

The Pelican is a genus of aqueous large birds that contain eight species. They are often identified by their long wingspan and their odd-shaped mouth. Their mouth or bill contains a fibrous skin pouch that hangs from the bottom of the bill. It is easily expandable and helps catch fish when hunting in the ocean.Continue reading “Pelican: Can They Eat A Human?”