Maned Wolf: Definitely a Werewolf

The Maned Wolf is a very unique animal found in South America. It looks as if a person actually turned into a werewolf! It resembles a fox with its reddish hair, pointy ears, and black stripe on its neck. But, it also resembles a wolf with its standing at 3 feet tall and a weightContinue reading “Maned Wolf: Definitely a Werewolf”

What is an Acid and a Base

growing up, you constantly hear the term acid and base used to describe liquids such as your water or even a fictional mixture you see on TV. But, what actually is an Acid and a Base? When asking this question it is important to first ask what definition of Acid and Base are you askingContinue reading “What is an Acid and a Base”

CO2 Emissions Making Oceans Acid!!

When hearing about climate change the first thing that comes to making are the temperatures rising and how humans are causing it. However, there are parts of climate change that aren’t visible and people rarely talk about. One of these topics is ocean acidification via Carbon Dioxide emission. When organic materials are used for fuelContinue reading “CO2 Emissions Making Oceans Acid!!”