#32 Top 5 Hardest Classes In College

So far, I am in my junior year of college and I have taken almost all the required courses for a Biology major with a concentration in Biomedical Studies. On top of that I have taken many Honors courses as well as Pre-PA courses (#29 Want To Be a PA? What To Know). Most ofContinue reading “#32 Top 5 Hardest Classes In College”

This Material Is 454x More Expensive Than Diamond

Believe it or not, Diamond is not the most expensive useable material found on Earth. Synthesized in 1950 by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Californium is considered the most expensive material known to mankind. Created by the bombarding of curium with alpha particles, Californium is a highly radioactive material that is often not found in biologicalContinue reading “This Material Is 454x More Expensive Than Diamond”